The Death of Baldur

Baldur, the son of Frigga and Odin, was the most handsome and noble of all the Gods. Forever appearing in the form of a beautiful young man, he was the God of Light and Spring, of all things Right and Good, the best loved among all Aesir. Basically he was the sexiest man alive in the Norse Mythos.

One morning, his mother awakened from a horrible nightmare. She had seen Hel, the Goddess who rules the underworld, take Baldur into her realm. Baldur too had been plagued by troubling dreams foretelling doom. So Odin invoked the ancient prophetess, Wala, from her grave to find out what was behind the dreams. He asked her who was next expected to enter the realm of Hel, and her answer was “It is Baldur, the noble one, who is next for Hel, and Hödur, his blind brother, will be the instrument of his demise.” (Baldur was not a warrior, he would not be killed in battle. This meant his body was for Hel, not for Valhalla.)

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